Fragment of a draped statue

Gozo Group
About This Artefact

I.D. no: 49165

Dimensions: Max. H. 25 cm; Max. W. 22 cm.

Material: Fine-grain white marble

Provenance: Gozo Citadel ditch[1]

Current location: Museum of Archaeology, Gozo

Condition: Broken along five different facets with only one facet preserving drapery folds. Even these are covered with chips and abrasions.

Description: The folds suggest that the fragment belonged to a female draped statue of life-size dimensions.

Discussion: Too little is preserved either to identify the iconography or to assess the style and the quality of the carving.

Bibliography: (previous publications of item): Unpublished.

[1] Found partially embedded in the soil surface on the passage way along the Gozo Citadel ditch facing southeast (pers. Comm. George Azzopardi 04.03.2005).