Fragment of togate statue (3)

Domus Romana Group
About This Artefact

I.D. no: 15885

Dimensions: Max. H. 20 cm; W. ??

Material: Fine-grain white marble.[1]

Provenance: The 1881 excavations of the Roman Domus in Rabat, Malta.

Current location: National Museum of Archaeology.


Condition: Only the front part of the base of the statue survives, in two joining fragments, together with the right foot and the front section of the left foot.


Description: The fragment repeats faithfully the better preserved fragment listed as no 15883 in this catalogue in position, posture and formal treatment. The surface of the upper surface of the base has the same roughened treatment with chisel blows. The feet also wear the same type of shoes.


Discussion: For a discussion of the typology and formal treatment the reader is referred to the fragment listed as no 15883 in this catalogue.


Bibliography: Caruana 1881: 7. Ashby 1915: 40-41. Zammit 1930: 22: “scribe”. Bonanno 1971: 167-68. Bonanno 1992: 23, pl. 31.


[1] Carrara according to Lazzarini (personal communication 24.02.2004).