Left hand with ring

Domus Romana Group
About This Artefact

I.D. no: 28975

Dimensions: Max. L. 19 cm; Max. W. 12 cm. The dimensions are only slightly (20%) larger than normal.

Material: Fine grain very white marble.

Provenance: The 1881 excavations of the Roman Domus in Rabat, Malta.

Current location: Domvs Romana Museum in Rabat, Malta.


Condition: Broken off at the wrist, without any hint of a dowel. Thumb broken at the lower end of the first knuckle, the index finger at the upper end of the middle knuckle, and the middle finger at the upper end of the lower knuckle. The ring and little fingers are intact.


Description: The hand seems to be clasping a round object held at an angle. The ring and little fingers, showing their nails, are joined together with their tips attached to the palm by a marble bridge. Another marble bridge links the index to the middle finger. A ring with a flat oval-shaped bezel is worn in the ring finger.


Discussion: This hand has been mounted in what seems to be the right position to the statue of Claudius. Its size seems to be proportional with that of the statue.


Bibliography: (previous publications of item):

Caruana 1881: plate at end of publication. Otherwise unpublished.